Labels and Lost Worlds

And there it is. Death by Government. (Army Whistle Blower Jawan Found Dead)

But there is no outrage. No media. No protest marches. Just a forgotten headline. Because there is no political gain to be found here.

Unless he gets a caste, a religion or a class, no one will care.

It is a tragic irony of our times that Rohit Vemula died wanting to be something more than his caste. More than a label.

Yet, in a replay of Aaj Ka Arjun, his death has been hijacked for the very label he sought to overcome.

That’s is all we recognize now — labels.

An individual human being’s life — that has no label, no meaning.

He used to walk a dog. He was at the scene of a sting. He was a whistle blower.

We don’t understand such men. So we don’t care about them.

Which category do such people fall into?

Which box do we tick, so we can start feeling sympathy or empathy for him?

He was a soldier. So does he fall into the nationalistic bloc? Er no — because he was a whistle blower.

He was killed by the government and a poor man, so does he fall into the Azaadi block? Er no…….he was a soldier after all. Who know what atrocities he committed?

A nation that must tick a label to start thinking of a human being, as a human being? There are labels for such countries.

Lost Worlds.


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