A Divine Right to Stupidity

Time and experience has forced me to consider the possibility that God might exist.

The level of human stupidity witnessed since the beginning of this millennium has to be by (intelligent) design. Nature just could not have come up with this accidentally.

Tarek Fateh  is that kind of stupid, at a divinely ordained level. Japanese Encephalitis and Fateh – they have to be God’s revenge against man. God seems to do this kind of thing once in a while. I have no idea why.

I don’t say he’s stupid because he disses Islam. Many people do that and some of them, I deeply respect. There are many who diss Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and religion in general. Some of those I deeply respect too. I even admire them and as an atheist, am happy to join in the chorus once in a while.

Tarek Fateh is a special kind of stupid though. He elevates a personal tirade to an ideological one and lays claim to virtues he possesses neither personally nor ideologically.

He’s a man who gets around. A Pakistan born Canadian writer he was recently in India dissing, what else — everything including Indian Muslims.

Guess who he loves though? Sri Sri  and his Clout of Living.

Sri Sri is a corporate spiritual guru with seemingly unlimited wealth, deep political connections with the Hindu Right, and a knack of always burying all controversies.

They are constantly lauding each other on twitter.



Apparently Yoga and Politics Do Mix

Really? Practitioners of Yoga make better politicians?

Like a whole bunch of new age militant atheists, guess what Fateh continuously and consistently ignores? The militarization of other faiths. Right wing Hinduism right here in India and Buddhist violence against the Rohingyas in Myanmar.

To many like Fateh, Islam IS the only faith. Which is an irony itself.

Now you see what I mean by the Divine Right to Stupidity? He obviously gets it from his intimate relationship with Islam.

I do believe in everyone’s Fundamental Right to Stupidity though. It is a natural corollary to the Fundamental Right to Life.

In his latest escapade, Fateh was in India recently suggesting that India is better off as  federation of smaller countries.

It’s actually an old idea. It’s not even an alien idea. Tamilians and others in the South have thought so for a long time. The North East of India has fought for decades for their own identity. And well, everyone knows Kashmir’s problems with India.

There was nothing “Islamic” or anti-Islamic about Tarek Fateh’s suggestion on a divided India. And nothing new.

So it took even more Divine Stupidity than Fateh’s for someone to assume that his statement had anything to do with religion. And then even more DS to pass a fatwa for murder on Fateh for trying to divide India on religious grounds. (Read 10 Lakh Reward for beheading Tarek Fateh)

There is just so much divinity going around, I’m positively swimming in it.

Thing is, Fateh and Faisan-e-Madina are both provocateurs of the same kind. They are sharks who swim in troubled waters, in troubled times, to see how much they can eat for the day.

Fateh is a professional trouble maker. FeM is a professional bait catcher. They dance to each other’s tunes and play a public symphony of hate, that has little to do with the issues.

The issues, though, are real: Federal India;  Hate; A deeply disrupted and divided polity; religious Violence. Distractions like Tarek Fateh and JeM need to be put in their rightful place – the dustbin.

However, since we seem to have acknowledged some sort of divine rights, let us arrogate to ourselves another divine right — The Divine Right to Ignore Them. (DRIT)

In a world full of noise, it seems we will be needing as much Drit as Grit.


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